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CC’s Physical Therapy has been on the cutting edge of health and wellness since its birth in 2011. Beginning as a small one room, one staff member office, we have since grown to an entity hosting six Doctors of Physical Therapy and two administrative staffmembers. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy host numerous national certifications, have completed thousands of hours of continued training, and include the like of three Board Certified physical therapists. In addition to our cutting edge, hands on approach to patient care, we also provide our patients with insurance verification specially tailored to your health plan to ensure financial responsibility is understood prior to receiving treatment. FREE consults are always available and remember, physical therapy does not require a prescription or referral in most cases. Come and see us today!


Our team’s goal is to rehab your body to your personal, highest level of functional ability. Whether your goal is pain free grocery shopping or running a marathon, we are here to help. Our advanced level of services offered by our physical therapists can help alleviate pain, increase mobility, and improve overall wellness in a way that may be new to you even if you have had physical therapy in the past.


CC’s Values


The one thing in life that no one can ever take away is your knowledge. Whether we learn from top trainers in the country or each other on a daily basis, the knowledge at CC’s has a strong balance of years of experience mixed with fresh state of the art skills and practices blended in a unique fashion to bring all our clients the most individualized and advanced product.


“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” CC’s represents the core of what passion is and stands for. When welcoming a new member to The Team, the first thing we look for is people with PASSION; people that not only love what they do, but will not be satisfied in life if they cannot exercise their skills on a daily basis. Patients, clients, and the mail man would all confirm that CC’s exudes passion in each of us lucky enough to serve you every day.


The staff of CC’s has commitment driven through its own well-being. We are dedicated to our community and our clients through service, change, and excellence. We are committed as a team to always provide the best version of our group on a daily basis to leave you feeling healthy, happy, and well taken care of.

Injury: Get It, Before It Gets You

Injury Risk Assessments Are Here

We are flipping the switch on injury. What if we told you we have the ability to predict injury occurrence and treat it before the problem begins? That’s right. Injury Risk Assessments are where it’s at. We use 3 assessment tools, place your individualized scores into a program that generates the level of risk you are at for injuring yourself with any physical activity program such as the start of football practice, training for a race, starting a walking program, or simply chasing after your children. Our team can assess your performance and identify your biomechanical dysfunctions that are putting your body at elevated risk for injury. Our highly trained team of Doctors of Physical Therapy then treat the dysfunction through skilled manual therapy techniques in conjunction with corrective exercises to restore your functional mobility while decreasing your risk of injuring yourself. Treating the dysfunction before pain or injury occur will not only keep you in the game longer, it will also decrease time and money spent treating an injury that may occur utilizing faulty mechanics with activity. It’s simply a no brainer!

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