What should I expect from CC’s Physical Therapy?

Timely scheduling, respect for your privacy, insurance benefits clearly explained before treatment, and clear explanations about your treatment plan.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement and properly fitted gym shoes.
Will it hurt?
Your therapist will listen to concerns regarding pain, and make every effort to keep discomfort to a minimum. However, you may experience some soreness due to the exercises or hands on techniques. No treatment will be done to you unexpectedly.
When should I start physical therapy?
The sooner the better! Chronic or long-standing conditions may take longer to treat if therapy is delayed, so as soon as we can get working on it, the quicker you may see results.
Does my insurance cover physical therapy?
CC’s is a proud provider for most insurance companies. To ensure that the most accurate insurance policies and procedures are followed, prior to your initial visit, we will verify your insurance benefits for you. You will be informed of any monetary expectations required at each visit.
Do I need a referral or doctor’s order to see a physical therapist?
Most insurance companies do not require a prescription or referral, but this is information we will find out for you while verifying benefits.
How often should I attend?
We have found that patients receive optimal benefits when coming between one and two times a week. There may, however, be times when more or less frequent visits will be most effective. Your therapist will tell you your optimal frequency to come in accordance with your diagnosis.
How do I make an appointment?
Please call our office at 701-751-0994 to visit with our staff and they will get you scheduled as soon as possible.

Free Consults

Our team of physical therapists are here for you. Whether your needs are prevention at the start of a new exercise program or injuries from the “good old” days that are now starting to haunt you, we can address the needs specific to your situation. We are always available for FREE consultations. As an added bonus, CC’s will verify your individual insurance benefits to avoid the guessing game of costs associated with physical therapy.


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