Impactful Proactive Care

Inviting atmosphere

/inˈvīdiNG/ adj /ˈatməsˌfir/ noun

We know that addressing physical ailments or trips to a medical provider can often be uncomfortable or stressful. This is why our atmosphere provides a sense of comfort in which you feel like you just walked into a home of someone you know and trust. As you snuggle up by the fireplace with a cup of coffee and light snack, a sense of ease will exist and it will no longer feel like you are at another doctor’s visit.

Informed Care

/inˈfôrmd/ adj /ker/ noun

We want our patient’s to have transparency in the process of receiving physical therapy.  This is why from the moment you call to schedule until the end of your appointment, you will be informed of all aspects involved in your care.  Our administrators will verify your health insurance benefits specific to your plan and our facility, our rehab team will walk you through your evaluation process and thoroughly explain your condition as well as plan to resolve it, and we will then follow up with additional information as it pertains to your overall care and answer any questions that arise.

Practitioner Excellence

/prakˈtiSH(ə)nər/ noun /ˈeks(ə)ləns/  noun

Our doctors of physical therapy take great pride and have marked dedication to our continued education. We spend endless time working with national educators, collaborating amongst each other, and self educating on better ways to practice and enhance our skills to better serve our patients. Our team of doctors is the rolling stones that gather no moss as we constantly evolve and change with our expanding field of health and wellness.

Passionate Care Focused on YOU

/ˈpaSH(ə)nət/ adj /ker/ noun
Our care is focused on you: your goals, your choices, your life. We approach patient care with the patient at the core of our approach to each person’s care. We understand that not every patient has the same intentions or motivations to attend physical therapy. With that in mind, we are able to approach each patient with authenticity and compassion for your needs.

Variety of Tools and Talents

/to͞ols/ noun /ˈtalənts/ noun

Although much of our background is similar, we all provide a little something special to the team. Whether you are an athlete, mother, retired Vietnam veteran, or just someone looking to improve your health, our team of doctors spans a breadth of expertise and if your assigned doctor cannot figure out your solution, another expert on our team may be the answer. There is no room for arrogance in our clinic and we utilize all of our tools in our belt and the people at our sides to get you back to your best self.


/ˈkänfədəns/ noun
When you leave the clinic, you will know immediately that the experience you just had and the care received was different. Different from the start to the finish. You will walk away knowing that you were heard and perhaps that you have hope for your future self navigating your health and wellness journey.


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