Postpartum to Fitness

Designed to help women post-pregnancy prepare to return to activities such as running, weightlifting, CrossFit, or sports by increasing confidence, reducing risk of injury, and improving overall performance.

Package Includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation by Doctor of Physical Therapy/Pelvic Health Certified Specialist
  • 6 week program with trainings x2/wk focusing on return to activity (impact, breathing mechanics, loading, running) with awareness of posture, target incontinence, and increasing threshold of symptoms

Price: $100 for each visit ($1200) – can be split between 2 ladies

PT Graduate Program

Designed to help those graduating from Physical Therapy bridge the gap and transition into a healthy wellness/fitness routine with guidance by physical therapists to set goals, learn how to safely and effectively utilize gym and available equipment, and build and progress a routine that works for you!

Package Includes:

  • Introduction session to establish goals, gym equipment orientation, develop program and begin training (90 minutes).
  • Follow up 60 min training session 1 on 1 with Physical Therapist
  • Exercise Library created with links to videos on proper form, setup, and tips with exercises etc.
  • Two virtual check-ins with PT via phone/video call to answer questions and adjust program as necessary scheduled throughout first month of program.

Price: $249 (additional 45 min training sessions available for $99/session)

Intro to Weightlifting

Strength training program designed to target people who are looking to become associated with weight lifting and functional training to get into the gym setting or better perform daily activities.

Package Includes:

  • 8 week training program scheduled x3/week for 60 mins each focusing on learning proper technique and mechanics of common lifts, coaching on modifications progressions/regressions, training to build strength, power, and endurance, and extensive education on how to independently build, progress, and adapt a training program based on goals for independence in the future.

Price: $450/person in a group of 4


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