3 Do Not Do’s for 2019 Season

By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

3 DO NOT DO’s of 2019 Shred Season

It’s HERE! Streets and sidewalks are drying off, temps are on the rise, and our pale skin is getting its first taste of real vitamin D in almost 6 months! Now we are all eager to get rid of the hibernation love handles that February bestowed upon us (lets blame the -20 temps) BUT! Let’s be smart about hitting that gym a little extra heavy during this spring’s shred season. My colleagues and I have noticed trends in patient’s gym routines and I’d like to share a few exercises that seem to be causing injury you may want to avoid. I will give you a few examples of other exercises to work the same muscles in a more FUNCTIONAL way and hopefully lead you to a pain-free summer!
1. Calf raises – A concentric calf raise can lead to shortening of your calf muscles, reduced ankle range of motion and subsequent Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, ruptured achilles, calf strains, and many more. Instead try an interval training on the stair mill, single leg balance exercises on a BOSU ball, or a even a lower leg eccentric calf raise. OR – since it is Spring, take a hike in the BSC hills which will be sure to fatigue your calves and more!
2. Shoulder Shrugs – Your upper trapezius is one of the most overused muscles in your body. It holds head upright and is used increasingly with poor posture, it helps rotate our shoulder blade when we lift our arm overhead, and it helps stabilize our upper spine as it joins in with our neck. Instead of isolating this muscle with shrugs, consider more back exercises to help compliment it’s over-dominance such as rows, lat pull downs, rear flys, or narrow grip pull downs.
3. Dips – I used to LOVE doing dips. It works your anterior deltoid and pec major at the end of a good chest or shoulder workout. However, it also puts HUGE stress on your shoulder capsule in the front of your shoulder where your rotator cuff muscles sit and can lead to severe impingement or even a rotator cuff tear. Instead try a shoulder press and super-set with a pushup, front raises followed by a chest fly, or simply eliminate this exercise! Friends don’t let friends do dips 😊
As with all rules, there are exceptions. Post-operatively, exceptional range of motion, and extreme athletes are just a few exceptions. Talk with your PT and ask them if these exercise are right (or wrong) for you!

Happy Spring and Stay Healthy!


Post Author: Calvin Crawford

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