Control What You Can Control

By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

Control What You Can Control

Its hard for the last month to feel like your life isn’t spinning at least a little bit out of control. Typically, by this time people are well into their health and fitness routines getting ready for all things SUMMER! As we all struggle through this time, remember you are not alone. Everyone is going through this and no one is immune to the disruption in life (unless you have stock in TP). At the same time, as stressful as it all seems – many things haven’t changed and it’s important to focus on these things you CAN control.


The grocery stores did not close – I know it’s an easy excuse and often an escape from stress to eat crap food, but don’t fall east to temptation. Food is fuel – if you eat bad food you will feel both physically and mentally the same. FOCUS.

Your gym is closed. A terrible pill to swallow for all of us but it’s a fact that we must get used to for a while. BUT – be creative. You best be taking advantage of our 50+ degree days and walking/running outside instead of that treadmill. There are also plenty of hills around our community so that stair mill will be okay without you! That sunshine and fresh air have just about as much psychological benefit as the exercise. GET OUTSIDE!

As the famous Wanna be – Planet Fitness member says “ I lift things up and put them down” — and that’s really all weight lifting is! My mom and dad are 62 and within 3 days of their gym closed they had built a home-made gym from chairs, coolers, various garage supplies, bought a cheap set of weights and hardly missed a beat! Even my wife and I have set of TRX Straps strapped to a tree in our yard to get our strength training in as best we can. It’s honestly working out really well!

You do not have to sit at home in pain, either. In fact, CC’s Physical Therapy is open extra hours throughout the week to take extra precautions for us to clean and reduce numbers in our clinic at one time. With new exercises, new routines and unfortunate increase in sitting time, comes new aches and pains. Let us help you get back on track!

This is a chance to show your resiliency. Don’t let yourself slip. Take the proper precautions, follow guidelines and avoid excessive news and social media. Try not to be overwhelmed. And when you do, remember to take control of what you can. Stay healthy and stay POSITIVE! These pictures are from my Wife, dog (Trip) and I the last few weeks staying busy and active while self-isolating in the badlands!


Post Author: Calvin Crawford

Cal’s lovely wife’s name is Ashley.  They have been in their first house for a year and are loving being in their own space.  They have a golden retriever named TRIP.  Cal’s 4 seasons are Hunting, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, and preparing for those 3.


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