Early Treatment of Athletic Injuries

By Jenny Johnson – CC’s Staff

Early Treatment of Athletic Injuries

Fall sports have snuck up on us once again this year! As athletes (whether in-season or pre-season) are getting back into activities, we want to remind everyone to get those nagging pains and injuries checked out early. Seeing a physical therapist as soon as possible after a sprain, strain, concussion, or any injury can ensure that we get you on the best treatment plan and get you back to sports as quickly as possible. Too often we see athletes with injuries that have been told to “just rest for the next 6 weeks” and “then you may need treatment later”. Often by that point you are already deconditioned, weaker, and have a loss of mobility from avoiding activity or sport. We aim to get you back to physical activity as quickly and as safely as possible, depending on the extent of the condition. Our team of physical therapists loves to work with the coaches, parents, and team athletic trainers to make the best personalized rehab plan and get you back to doing what you love. At CC’s we have free injury consultations available, and always aim to get acute injuries seen ASAP. As soon as you realize something is “not quite right” give us a call and we can help!

Post Author: Jenny Johnson

Jenny is a DPT, wife, baseball lover, kayaker, dog wrangler, and new mom to sweet baby, Bria.


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