Everything to Lose

By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

Everything to Lose

A message from a friend of mine, Jordan Miller from Run2Gun,  as we head into 2019 to set your standards high for your new year goals and resolutions!

“For the past couple of years I have set a mantra for myself, last year it was “Enjoy the process, love the journey.” It initially was to help get me through the filming season of the show, but ended up correlating into every aspect of my life. It helped keep my mindset in the right place. This year my new mantra is “Everything To Lose” and here is why…

Everything To Lose mindset: At some point we have all probably had a situation where we said, “well why not, I have nothing to lose.” This really got me thinking this year as I was setting goals for myself. I run what I call a micro business trying to grow into a small business. Most of the decisions my wife and I have to make no longer have the mindset of “Well…we have nothing to lose.” Quite the opposite. I have found I actually hate that saying! All businesses have to make hard decisions, ones that run completely on faith, and those that seem to have higher risk value than reward. It seems for us, most of those decisions always have that higher risk than reward factor, but every time the risk involves trying to help or impact more people, and somehow it works out.

The Mindset of Everything To Lose really means, we are going to go about everyday to make our goals happen, we are going to work hard and commit to the process, knowing if this chance fails, we could lose those dreams, but here’s the difference of working like this and not…when you have this mindset, and do fail, you wont have any regrets.

Everything To Lose works for us, and it can work for you too!

Kill it this week! At work, in the gym, at home with your families! Give it your best effort as if you have everything to lose!                                                                                                                                                     

For more info, head on over to https://run2gun.com/news/page/9/                                                                                                              

Post Author: Calvin Crawford

My wife’s name is Ashley – we just bought our first house in August – We have a golden retriever named TRIP – My 4 seasons are Hunting, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, and preparing for those 3 😉


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