Hunting Season

By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

Hunting Season!

IT’s HERE! Friday starts the 2019 Archery season for deer here in North Dakota followed by all the other fun hunting and outdoor adventures that fall brings us. Now before you go diving into your ground blind or hiking up into the mountains, is there anything limiting you from your full potential? A sore shoulder so you can’t shoot your bow as well? Low back pain stop you from long drives to the secret pheasant spot? Or maybe that plantar fasciitis is acting up from a hard summer of training? I know I’ve been through a hunting season with my own ailments in the past and it takes the fun right out of it! Just this summer I have had a bout of shoulder pain that stopped me from shooting my bow, and a neck issue that prevented me from looking down the barrel of my shotgun. Both things were quickly resolved by our rockstar TEAM. (credit Chloe for my Shoulder and Erin for my Neck 😊 ) Now I’m heading into season ready to roll!

This is the time to talk with one of us here to see what we can do to help you out to have your best fall yet!

Even if you aren’t in pain, injury prevention is key. Just like you, I used the stair master, treadmill and a diligent weightlifting routine all spring and summer to prepare for the upcoming season. However, it is difficult to prepare for the uneven ground full of gopher and badger holes or the steep, slippery slopes of the badlands. With just 12 weeks until the opener of DEER RIFLE season, this is the perfect time to get set up with an exercise regimen that targets these unique situations. We can set up a program specific to whatever your outdoor heart desires.

Now hopefully many of you are feeling really well and in tip-top shape, heaven forbid anything stop you from enjoying the next few months to the max. It’s the reason many of us choose to live here through the awful winters, non-existent springs, and 6 weeks of summer.

Happy Trails and Good luck to All!


Post Author: Calvin Crawford

My wife’s name is Ashley – we just bought our first house in August – We have a golden retriever named TRIP – My 4 seasons are Hunting, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, and preparing for those 3!


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