Don’t forget to take your MEDS!

By Kayla Kranda – CC’s Staff


Don’t forget to take your MEDS! CC’s Physical Therapy would like to remind you to take your MEDS! Now, these aren’t just any old medications though, we’re talking about your lifestyle MEDS.
We’ve already covered the exercise and sleep components, and we will happily direct you to one of our resources for diet, or exercise, so today we will focus on the mindfulness!
How does this relate to physical therapy, you may ask? Mindfulness based approaches are gaining popularity for treating chronic pain, possibly even reducing the use of opioids! 🤯
Mindfulness can be done whenever, and wherever!
➿20 minutes? Move your body by going on a walk without electronics and just observer

your surroundings. Or do a yoga flow and pay attention to how your body feels with each movement.

➿Only have a couple minutes? Try a breathing exercise! Like this one!
➿Journal daily, even if that only involves writing down 3 things for which you are grateful.

Give our clinic a call today to see how we can help you get back to those exercises, and more that you love so dearly!!

Post Author: Kayla Kranda

Kayla loves spending time with her husband, Tom, and son Finn. They have two cats (Kit and Mister), who rule the roost! Kayla also loves running, reading, cooking, and doing anything outdoors.

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