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By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

     Well the biggest fitness push of the year is here – January! Are you looking to take your performance to the next level? What is holding you back from your personal best run? Why does that one person keep beating you in that bike race? Or maybe the holidays and negative temperatures had you a bit more sedentary with a diet loaded with inconsistencies!

     But before you head out for that new PR or pick up where you left off on the squat rack, lets make sure you stay at the top of your game for all of 2020!

     Throughout January we will be providing Injury Risk and Performance Assessments as a movement measurement and analysis tool to identify deficits that may lead to injury or prevent you from performing at your highest potential. Through a thorough series of tests and measures we assess your performance and identify your biomechanical dysfunctions at the source.

     We will break down your tests to identify if your dysfunction is due to range of motion, strength, alignment, stability, motor output, or more commonly a combination of them all. We will then address the dysfunction utilizing hands-on skilled manual therapy techniques in conjunction with corrective exercises to allow you to perform at your best and reduce your risk of injury!

    Call today to schedule your Evaluation in January of 2020 and get ahead of the competition!

Post Author: Calvin Crawford

Cal’s lovely wife’s name is Ashley.  They have been in their new house for a year now and have a golden retriever named TRIP.  Cal’s 4 seasons are Hunting, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, and preparing for those 3. 


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