Myofasciawhat Pt II

Myofasciawhat Pt II

By Jenny Johnson – CC’s Staff

Myofasciawhat Pt. II

While sitting in a Myofascial Release II (MFR) course this weekend I was introduced to many new and interesting concepts surrounding the body’s fascial system that I wrote about in my last blog. We discussed how fascia acts as the housing system for any trauma or emotion of our past experiences. For example – you fell off of a horse as a child, and because your dad was watching you got back on, sucked it up, and never dealt with the injury. Your fascia remembers. You were verbally or physically abused and don’t want anyone to know, so you suppress it and move on with life.  Your fascia remembers. Your fascia is restricted and still in a state of protecting those “injured” areas. Without addressing those restrictions, your body is never allowed to heal. Fascial restrictions cause a torsion, or twisting sense, within our body, inhibiting proper circulation and electrical impulses to flow along our nerves. Ever feel anxious? If your head, mouth, or other areas of your body are restricted, your brain isn’t getting either the proper blood flow or the “room to breathe” that it needs. Your brain feels restricted and it freaks out… hello anxiety attack. At CC’s we talk with our patients about resetting our muscles to a more functional state, so they are allowed to cycle through contracting and relaxing. MFR does the same for our fascia. The SUPER light pressure releases those restrictions and allows our body to feel and move again.  Its more than dropping an elbow in a muscle to get it to release, as that strong pressure crushes the fascia and treats a trigger point instead. If you have that nagging pain or stiffness that just doesn’t want to go away, let us know and we can help your body release that tension and MOVE. Just one more tool to add to our PT tool box!

Post Author: Jenny Johnson

Dr. Jenny is a DPT, wife, baseball lover, kayaker, dog wrangler, and new mom to sweet baby, Bria.


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