How can we help YOU with your neck pain?

By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

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How can we help YOU with your neck pain?

Neck pain can really vary from person to person and requires a unique, personalized approach to treat correctly. It can be that aching pain in the right of your neck that prevents you from falling asleep, your stiff sore upper shoulders from shrugging in these below zero temps, or that aching pain between your shoulder blades that makes it impossible to get comfortable sitting at your desk. Whatever your situation may be, these are all issues that can stem from a neck dysfunction.

The Benefits of what we will do for your neck:

As mentioned, physical therapy for the neck focuses on improving the flexibility and strength of your neck musculature that support the vertebrae. The main goals of physical therapy when addressing neck pain and conditions include the following:

  • To make the muscles more flexible and stronger to improve your PAINFREE range of motion
  • To find and address compensation patterns and imbalances in your stabilizing musculature
  • To accelerate the healing process of acute and chronic cases
  • To improve posture and other body mechanics that will in turn protect the neck and spine
  • To give patients exercises and tools that will help them PREVENT their condition from returning

We love seeing our patients each day and, although a bit biased, we feel we have the best patients in town. That being said, our goal is to make you feel 100%, give you the tools to prevent regression and get you out the door feeling good! After recently sleeping on a friend’s guest bed out of town and developing my own neck problem I had to practice what I preach. I tell you what, this stuff works! Call to check it out and experience the difference for yourself!

Post Author: Calvin Crawford

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