One of the Doctors of Your Healthcare Team

By Chloe Sandberg – CC’s Staff

One of the DOCTORS on your healthcare team!

A patient asked me the other day, “Should I call you Dr. Sandberg, or Chloe?” It took me a second to respond because this was the first time a patient has asked me that since beginning clinical work last May. The best response I could come up with was, “Either one!”

Many people are still unaware that in order to pursue a career in PT, you must obtain a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. This is 3 years of graduate level education after you receive at least a Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree + 3 years = 7 years (for most). That is a hefty commitment if you ask me! While I wouldn’t trade my education for anything, the topic of “being addressed as Dr.” is one that is brought up frequently in school and after graduation. Some PTs feel it is too impersonal to ask to be called Dr. Yadayada, while others insist that being called Dr. Yadayada is a true recognition of all the hard work, time, and money put into becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

I suppose my stance is on both sides of the fence. I do hope my patients realize I am a doctor in my field of physical therapy, and that is essentially a doctor specializing in musculoskeletal dysfunction and rehabilitation. At the same time, I hope my patients feel comfortable enough with me to go by a first name basis. It is nice to be recognized and referred to by your actual title every now and then, so hearing Dr. Sandberg from one of my patients is a little morale booster, but more importantly, it indicates my patients recognize that I am a member of their healthcare team. Every patient should have a healthcare team and this team can be made up by a variety of different doctors and other healthcare professionals. It is extremely important to us that our patients recognize we here at CC’s are part of your healthcare team, holding the Dr. of Physical Therapy spot 😊

If you or someone you know is needing the help of one of our wonderful Dr.’s of PT, please don’t hesitate to call and get on our schedule!


Post Author: Chloe Sandberg, PT, DPT

Chloe is a PT, wife, MN to ND transplant, exerciser obsessed with food, Star Wars and Game of Thrones fangirl.


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