January 28, 2017

1:00 pm

Join our gal Christine for an Introduction to Essential Yoga! In this workshop, you will discover the essential elements of the practice of yoga – the key poses and the ability to fuse them together with breath. The workshop begins with a 45 minute discussion, covering the proper alignment and muscle engagement of the poses most commonly practiced in flow yoga classes. Explore the concept of balance through the practice of antagonistic inhibition, and acquire the ability to both lengthen and strengthen every facet and fiber of your muscles in each pose you practice. The workshop concludes with a 75 minute Essential Yoga class, in which you will practice the poses and concepts discussed in high repetition and create a strong muscle memory. You will leave this workshop confident in your ability to cultivate your own yoga practice, be it at home or in the studio.

This workshop was created with beginners in mind, and is open to yogis of all skill and experience levels.

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