March 4, 2017

11:00 am / 2:30 pm

Oh Baby, Oh Baby, Oh Baby. It’s hard not to think about your body when going through that simply miraculous journey of pregnancy. Thoughts of “How will this ever go back to normal??” “I didn’t know my body could stretch like that?!” “I never knew I could hurt THERE!” and “WHAT. IS. THAT?!??” are probably some of the more censored versions of the dialogue circling your mind during and in those days/months after. As many may have experienced already, very little direction or education is provided in your post-partum life once that sweet baby is safe and secure in your arms. Then you leave the hospital and it’s time to figure it out on your own or in the modern day age of Google. Scary.

That’s where we come into play. Join Dr. April Mettler, Board Certified Specialist in Women’s Health Physical Therapy, in an exclusive seminar focused on taking that post partum body through a healthy journey back to a better version of your physical body. Whether your goals include getting back into shape, scaling new physical achievements or simply living a mobile, painfree lifestyle with your new day to day challenges as a busy mom, this seminar is here to help bridge the undiscussed gap of pregnancy to “the after life” for YOU. In a combination of didactic and lab work, we will explore changes your body endured during pregnancy (those visible and those not seen by the untrained eye), safe and effective ways to work on the undoing of those changes restoring sound function to your new body, and what to look for to know if the exercises you are doing or plan to do are safe and effective when beginning to become physically active again or even to function at your highest level caring for your new little. We will then participate in a group fitness class that will focus on working the muscles most crucial to your successful post-partum recovery highlighting all the elements discussed in class.

Cost $150 or $125 for Studios Members/Patients
Cost includes lunch at The Broadway Grill and Tavern, a free week at The Studios, and all the goodness acquired from the mind of our in house Women’s Specialist.

Who shall attend: Moms at any stage of pregnancy through moms up to one year post partum. Please call with any questions or register online!



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