CC’s Physical Therapy and the Studios

100 W Broadway Suite 130, Bismarck, North Dakota

This prenatal yoga workshop series, led by Lindsay, will use poses,
pranayama, and meditation to help ease your journey through both pregnancy
and delivery. Not only is Lindsay a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and
Master Buti Yoga Trainee, she is also 6 months pregnant herself. These
classes will aid in creating strength, fostering focus, releasing tension,
and increasing flexibility through a gentle practice designed especially
for the expectant mother’s needs. Our prenatal yoga workshop series will
provide a safe, peaceful and supportive environment, while helping to
alleviate many of the physical discomforts of pregnancy. This workshop
series is appropriate for both new and experienced students. All
trimesters welcome!

Each class in the series will activate a different chakra, using the
physical body to access the subtle body. Two of the eight classes will
incorporate the guest of your choosing. This can be your partner, family
member, or friend that will learn how to help you help yourself find
comfort and stress release at home and during delivery. The workshop lasts
eight weeks, is sequential, and presents content that builds upon itself
as the weeks progress. It is recommended that you attend all eight
classes. Each weekly class is an hour in length, beginning Wednesday,
October 5th through November 23rd, at 6:45 pm. Guests will be invited to
the 4th class (Oct 26th) and the 8th class (Nov 23rd).

Students are asked to bring the following props to each class: 2 Blankets,
a Firm Pillow, a Yoga Mat, and a Water Bottle.

Can’t wait to see you mommies there!

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