Perfect Lunge

By Calvin Crawford, CC’s Staff

Lunges for Days!

Most important day of the week → LEG DAY! Now if you don’t include lunges into your leg day then you are definitely missing out. Lunges are an excellent mult-joint exercise strengthening your glutes, hamstrings and quads. At the clinic I evaluate almost every patient’s lunge and squat form. If done incorrectly it can lead to knee pain, hip pain, or even ligament damage in the knee. Taking a close look at your knee position can help prevent these injuries.
3-point checklist:

 √BIG STEP: we often take too small of a step making it difficult to maintain proper form and putting unnecessary stress on our back or front knee

     √ Make sure your knee is behind your toes and your Tibia (lower leg bone) is at 90 degrees to the ground.   

    √Your knee must be outside of your big toe, preferably over your 2nd or 3rd toe!

**Use a foam roller vertically to check your form and ensure perfection and prevent improper form

Incorporate different forms of lunges, too! Walking vs. stationary vs. weighted vs. body weight all challenge your body in different ways. Don’t get stuck in a rut with the same old lunge routine. You need to vary your workout regimen to prepare them for whatever you throw at them this fall. Hunting season is less than a month away and if your fall is looking active as ever your leg workouts should be incorporated twice a week IN ADDITION to 4-5 days of cardio. CC’s exercise form model (my wife, Ashley) is back in business and showing off the PERFECT LUNGE shown above. Check your form out and LUNGE AWAY!

Post Author: Calvin Crawford

My wife’s, Ashley, and I just bought our first house in August – We have a golden retriever named TRIP – My 4 seasons are Hunting, Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, and preparing for those 3.


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