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By Erin Reidman – CC’s Staff


We’re still here for you. We know that staying home doesn’t mean your pain is staying away, which is why we now offer telehealth!

CC’s is still seeing in-clinic patients. We are following current CDC guidelines and have implemented additional measures to help keep our patients and staff safe. We have temporarily adjusted clinic hours and scheduling to decrease the number of staff in the clinic at one given time. This has helped lower clinic exposure and allows more time for sanitizing between patients.

Now the fun part: telehealth. Telehealth is done through an audio and visual platform used on your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Currently, most insurances cover this service in full.

Is this possible with physical therapy? Yup. Don’t therapists usually use a lot of hands-on manual treatments or cuing through your rehab exercises? Yup. Can we still make some magic happen without hands-on treatment? Yup.

We consider this the “fun part” of the ever-changing world right now because it has allowed us to expand our skills set, open our minds, and increase our focus on the other components of a well rounded PT plan of care. Personally, using telehealth as a platform has improved my focus and allowed some creativity to emerge. Imagine tissue and mobility assessments, movement pattern assessments, individualized exercise progressions, home office ergonomic assessments…. Say what?! Makeshift home office ergonomic assessments? Are you one of the masses that are now having new or emerging aches and pains as you type away for 8 hours from your folding chair comfortably set between your dog crate and washing machine? Are you longing for that long-lost phonebook to give your computer a little extra height? (Just kidding, nobody misses phonebooks) Home “office” set up is one of the great perks of a telehealth visit, along with modifications, postural assessments and exercise prescription to help keep you feeling your best during this challenging time.

Of course, there are certain diagnoses or components of a treatment plan that are best done in person, but we also understand that coming in-house is not an option for everyone at this time. We’d love to help you out either way. Living a joyful and grateful life is more important now than ever, and physical pain can cloud our joy even more. Let us help you, in person or digitally.

Call 701-751-0994 to schedule a visit or request a consult. CC’s staff will also verify your insurance.

Post Author: Erin Reidman

Erin is a DPT, wife, and mom of two wild boys. When not at work, you can find Erin teaching fitness classes at the YMCA or daydreaming of the next mountain biking/rock climbing adventure with her main squeeze.


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