PT for dizziness

By Jenny Johnson – CC’s Staff

PT for dizziness?

Your PT is probably the last person you would think about to fix your dizziness, right? It shouldn’t be!! Vertigo, or dizziness, is something that can be treated by physical therapists if we determine it is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, or BPPV. BPPV is caused by small pieces of calcium carbonate material, often referred to as “rocks” or “crystals”, that break off in your inner ear and move to another part of your ear canal. Moving your head in certain ways causes these crystals to stimulate nerve endings in your ear, triggering dizziness. This commonly happens with lying down, rolling over in bed, or looking up. If you show up to therapy with vertigo, your therapist will run you through a few tests to determine if this is the type of vertigo she can treat. If so, she will perform a series of head and neck maneuvers to re-position those crystals and voila, your vertigo is gone. Typically, this can be treated in a visit or two; however, sometimes there are cases that take a little longer. Know that you don’t have to let your vertigo hold you back, because it is not something you have to deal with every day! We can and will get rid of that dizziness, let us get you back on the road to feeling good!

Post Author: Jenny Johnson

Jenny is a DPT, wife, baseball lover, kayaker, dog wrangler, and new mom to sweet baby, Bria.


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