Runners Knee

By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

Runners Knee, When should I seek an appointment?

     A question we ask every patient that comes in is “when did your symptoms start?” Answers vary but often we hear they have been putting up with their injury or pain going on for weeks, months, even years! Well when is the right time to make an appointment to have your symptoms evaluated? My rule for patients is exactly what I do for my own injuries. Once it starts to affect your daily living in any way, it’s time to call. Whether your limited with exercise, how you walk, how you sleep, or just think about it throughout your day – its time to call! Don’t let a simple injury turn into a chronic limiting condition.
     Now, we’re all tough North Dakotans and just like this polar vortex we say, “It will get better soon!” Well as we are finding out – it may be here to stay for longer than we would like! Same goes for your injury. For non-traumatic small aches and pains, I too let them go for a couple days and I urge you to try and stretch, modify exercises and attempt your own rehab to fix yourself! As for acute, chronic, or worsening pains, I have them evaluated as soon as possible by someone on our team to get me on the right track.
     Remember, it may be just a small ache and pain now, but is that leading to a tendonitis? Or is it a small tear leading to a full tear and eventually surgery? Or is it always just bothering you and unknowingly affecting your mood, health, sleep and overall wellbeing? We are here to help here at CC’s to get you the rehab and tools for long term success and on a pathway to pain free. If any of this sounds like you call us today and knock your rehab out this winter to make 2019 summer your best yet!

Post Author: Calvin Crawford

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