We Are CC’s

By Chloe Sandberg – CC’s Staff


We Are CC’s.


If you or someone you know has been on the fence about seeking out PT care at CC’s, please keep reading to quickly learn what makes us who we are and why you should come see us!

After having been part of the Bismarck-Mandan community for nearly 10 years and growing from a 1 woman show to a team of 8, we here at CC’s know who we are and the type of clinic we strive to be for our patients. This doesn’t mean, however, that our identity is solidified in history quite yet. We are growing – we are learning – we are building new relationships within the community – we are serving – and we are NOT stopping! While CC’s as a whole continues to move in the direction of innovation and never-ending education, we as individual PTs also fill our own lanes. We pride ourselves on being a team made up of unique clinicians that truly couldn’t mesh together any better.

If you haven’t heard by now, we are moving later this fall and we couldn’t be more excited! You’ll find us down on Front Ave with more square footage, more opportunities to expand our team and knowledge base, and more zest for PT than ever before. With big change comes big nervousness, but we are confident this new space for us will only help bring out the very best we have within ourselves and what we are capable of doing for our patients. Stay tuned for even cooler things we plan to offer and incorporate in our treatments!

One of the things we are most excited about with our new space is being able to host PT continuing education courses and seminars. We are going to have the room to house kick-butt speakers, topics, techniques, and sizeable classes. Bismarck rarely gets sought after courses to be hosted here, for a few varying reasons, but we are planning on bringing in some amazing people to learn from and meet. Actually, we will be hosting our first course January 30 & 31 – it is an ICE Lumbar Management course taught by the one and only Jeff Moore. Area PTs, get signed up today!!!

We absolutely love hearing our patients tell us they have never had a PT experience like the one they receive within our walls. If you have any physical therapy needs, please come and have the CC’s experience!

Post Author: Chloe Sandberg

.Chloe is a PT, wife, new mommy to sweet Leigha, MN to ND transplant, exerciser obsessed with food, Star Wars and Game of Thrones fangirl.


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