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By April Mettler – CC’s Staff

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Dr. April here! Rather than a traditional information blog, I thought I would give you all a brief shot of “what’s been happening at CC’s” forum to keep you in the loop of all our exciting activity.
I wanted to give one last shout out to everyone that stopped by our second annual block party. Events like this require so much work but are always worth it. A BIG thanks to the rock star staff and some incredible volunteers. With them, we were able to pull together such a wonderful event for the whole family. The University of Mary PT group heading to Guatemala sincerely appreciates all who made a small donation to their efforts. They are departing to Guatemala Saturday! Prayers to them for safe travels and a successful trip! Remember our block party is an annual thing so be sure to watch for the date in 2020!

  • We are proud to announce the addition of another highly skilled and passionate PT to the team. Our new therapist, Dr. Kayla Kranda, will be joining our team in September. Dr. Kayla and her husband Dr. Tom have been traveling physical therapists for 4 years and are excited to be back in their hometown of Bismarck/Mandan. We look forward to Dr. Kayla joining the staff and helping us pick up the slack when Dr. Chloe heads out to have her baby. I have given the baby strict orders he or she cannot come until Sept 30 so if you need to see Chloe before she is out, give us a call today! And don’t worry, Dr. Kayla and the rest of the CC’s staff will be taking good care of everyone while she is out with her new little bundle. What’s your guesses??? Girl or Boy?!?!? 
  • We are almost into the final quarter of 2019. I can’t even believe it!!! Every year around November or December we get a giant flood of patients that are trying to squeak in their chronic aches and pains as they have met deductibles for the year and want it resolved before January 1. I understand the thought process as I too may be one of those people. However, know that our staff is incredibly busy and even more busy at years end. Book now to ensure those aches and pains and impairments get fixed before the year is up; start 2020 fresh and healthier than ever! Call us today to get started! 
  • Educational happenings: In November, Dr. Jenny, Dr. Erin, and Dr. April will be heading to Dallas for Manipapalooza. This hands-on conference is sure to be as awesome as the name itself. Imagine every leader in manual physical therapy under one roof with hungry minds lurking in every direction (that will be us). I can’t wait to share this experience with two members of our incredible team. Dr. Jenny had the “privilege” of going with me on a planes, trains and automobiles double header one year. I am happy to see I didn’t scar her for life, and she is joining me for round two! This conference is over deer hunting season hence why Dr. Cal will not be joining us this year. I myself am almost ¾ of the way through my first year of fellowship training. Let me say this….my 24-year-old self was always a star student. My 36-year-old self? Rusty in academia but still eager to learn? “A” for effort? Trying to stay afloat? When they said plan to spend 15-20 hours per week on my studies, I thought to myself “that’s just a scare tactic. It will never take me that long.” WRONG! This amazing program is a TIME COM-MIT-MENT. But I have always said, education is the most powerful tool one can possess; NO ONE can ever take it away from you. When I finish in about 1.5-2 years, you can expect a real wicked block party 😉.

Return to sport is around the corner! All I will say is this: EARLY intervention is the BEST intervention; our team of PTs can see you without a doctor referral. If you unfortunately encounter a minor or major injury in your athletics, don’t wait to call for help. With immediate assessment and intervention, we can have you back on the field in no time! I think I covered all the major bases for the coming months. I hope everyone is milking these summer days for everything they are worth. Hope to see you all soon and let us know if you have any suggestions for our Blog Topic panel as we would love to dig deeper into any subject matter of interest!


Dr. April

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