Why CC’s

Why CC's?

By Calvin Crawford – CC’s Staff

Why CC’s?

Thinking of going to PT? Are your family and friends skeptical of corp versus small business? Let me offer some things to consider…

As a small physical therapy business, we have decided to really focus on quality versus quantity. Each therapist here has an extensive resume, loaded with continuing education, to ensure we stay at the top. A perfect example of this is our dry needling. Our team at CC’s was dry needling for over five years before anyone else in the region began to do so. As physical therapy changes, we need to change too so that we are able to provide the latest and greatest quality of care you’d expect from us. Change happens fast – and with our small staff we are able to adapt quickly to an ever-changing healthcare system.

We have a patient focused model here at CC’s, emphasizing a relationship with the person in front of us. Rarely do you get to go to a healthcare provider and leave saying, “wow they really gave me the time of day.” That is never the case here as we try to put the “care” back in healthcare. We emphasize giving each patient as much time as they feel they need to have questions answered and ensure they never feel like a statistic in a revolving door.

Part of what you look for in a small business is customer service and establishing a personal relationship. Well there’s only a few of us here, and within a couple visits its likely you’ll have talked with the whole staff and discussed family, friends or how we are somehow related. Additionally, we advertise very little and over 80% of our patients are referred through word of mouth. We take such pride in this and are so grateful to our community and the support you continue to provide to us. We aren’t going anywhere, thanks to YOU, and we won’t let you down when you need us most!


Post Author: Calvin Crawford

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